Advantages of dental implants

The dental implant is a procedure based on a screw that is embedded in the alvemolar bone, replacing the natural root of a missing tooth. It is made of a biologically inert material and serves as a base for the fixed prosthesis that acts as a dental crown.
That is, it is part of the so-called prosthetic unit. Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys explains that there are different types of dental implants on the market. However, the most requested are those that have a threaded body, due to their practicality for placing the crown on top.

Titanium Dental Implants
Currently, dental implants are made of titanium. In the case of the Sonrisa Perfecta Dental clinic, it uses products from the most important manufacturers in the international market. Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys, known as the best dentist in Colombia, asserts that only good manufacturers guarantee a successful procedure.
She refers specifically to the firm BioHorizons, which has developed an exclusive titanium alloy (Ti-6AI-4V). Its main virtue is that it is 1.5 to 3.5 times stronger than the commercially pure titanium used by other companies. This allows the firm and the dentists who use these implants to give the patient a lifetime guarantee for these components.
“We are married to this parent company because it supports our work,” the doctor highlights about these implants. She adds that BioHorizons is a brand that is permanently investing effort, money and man hours in science and innovation. In recent years they have developed a wide variety of implant systems and bone regeneration products.
The Colombian dentist details that titanium dental implants are highly compatible. It is a material that responds adequately when inserted into living tissues. It has impressive corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical stability during the healing stage, which accelerates this process. In the specific case of BioHorizons, which are used in Perfect Dental Smile, all these properties have been verified in independent laboratories.
In addition, they are designed to maintain facial aesthetics and provide stability to the implantology procedure during the reconstruction and dental implantation stages. The contribution to patient safety is one of the values most appreciated by people who go to the dentist. To all this, other important advantages are added that have made dental implants the favorites in smile design.

Most relevant advantages
For Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys, when a patient undergoes oral implantology, she obtains important benefits for her health and her aesthetic harmony. With dental implants, the dental structure of the adjacent teeth is kept intact because it is not necessary to file them, as is the case with dental bridges.
With this type of methodology, a fixed tooth bridge can be supported. This eliminates the need for a removable partial denture. This in turn allows the patient to eat, speak and laugh again with complete confidence. This occurs because there is no concern about the prosthesis moving or falling off.
Dental implants prevent bone loss and gum recession as often occurs with bridges or dentures. As if that were not enough, these pieces allow you to recover teeth that look and feel as if they were natural. In two words, people can show off a perfect smile.

Know the parts that make up a dental implant
Most people imagine a dental implant to be a piece that resembles a screw. In reality, it is a whole device that houses a certain complexity to guarantee its performance. From bottom to top it is made up of the Apical region, the body and the neck. The upper part of the piece is called the Prosthetic Prominence, which connects to the healing abutment or prosthetic abutment, on which the fixed prosthesis is placed.

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