Applications of robotic dentistry

Robotic dentistry is one of the most powerful and useful advances that medicine has had for oral health in recent times. It comes from the branch of engineering that specializes in the design, development and operation of robots for different uses in industry.
They are mechanical devices with electronic components that can be programmed to carry out specific motion tasks that have automatic control. This automation allows these teams to work autonomously or semi-autonomously and perform those tasks with a precision unattainable by humans.

Exalting medicine in Colombia with the latest advances
The Sonrisa Perfecta Dental spa-type clinic is one of the specialized centers in Colombia in being a pioneer in the use of robotic technology. Due to the success of this advance in other fields of medicine, Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys was interested in bringing it to Colombia. She prepared herself and updated the entire clinic staff with these advances so that they were up to par with the treatments.
This initiative arose when the rest of the dental centers in Colombia were not even considering adding this technology to their portfolio. That is why it became a new demonstration of the innovative spirit that this Colombian dentist born on the Caribbean coast has always observed. Throughout her career she has demonstrated her concern to exalt national medicine to the world.

Robotic dentistry at Sonrisa Perfecta Dental
Doctor Tarsys Loayza Roys points out that the applications of robotic dentistry increase every day with the expansion of this technology. However, there are already some applications that have become so widespread that they seem to have been available to the public for a long time. One of them is the CAD-CAM, a robotic device that is used to make different types of dental prostheses.
A specially designed equipment is responsible for collecting data from the patient’s teeth through a scanner. This information is transmitted to a special milling machine that is responsible for shaping what will be the dental prosthesis. The precision is millimeter, which is why it is a highly personalized procedure.
Another application is in oral implantology. With the scanner, the robot creates a high-resolution digital image of the patient’s oral cavity. Analyze the shapes and proportions of each of the teeth, as well as the mandibular bones. With this information, it creates the implants that are required with a precision that is impossible to achieve with any other methodology.
The same occurs with oral surgery, where robotic dentistry plays an essential role in two stages of these processes. First of all, the technology is used in what is called ‘computerized anesthesia. State-of-the-art equipment applies dosed drops to the exact treatment locations, avoiding patient discomfort.
The other application within oral surgery is related to the preoperative design of these interventions. Perfect Smile Dental uses robotics to collect data and reconstruct exact images of the injuries to be intervened. The technology even allows bone segmentation for better planning of the operation.
Finally, robotic dentistry is applied in two other highly demanded dental procedures. Orthodontics and endodontics. In the first, it allows the design of exact corrective appliances to place the teeth in their correct position. In the second, it is used for better execution of root canal treatments in patients.

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