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Perfect Smile Dental computerized anesthesia

Always at the forefront with the latest technologies for its patients, the Sonrisa Perfecta Dental Spa clinic has been applying computerized anesthesia in its treatments. Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys explains that it is a methodology in which a computer is used to control various aspects of the application.
With computerized anesthesia, the amount of anesthetic injected into the patient, the timing, and the volume per minute are left up to the computer. The digital program takes into account variables such as the type of procedure, the area to be anesthetized and whether the patient is a child or adult. The benefits are many and here we mention the 5 most important:

  1. Painless: Perfect Smile Dental’s latest technology equipment avoids the pain and discomfort of traditional local anesthetics.
  2. Accurate dosage. This new technology leaves behind the risks of applying the wrong doses to patients. The program is completely accurate in deciding the appropriate amount.
  3. There are no syringes. One of the advantages most appreciated by patients is that with computerized anesthesia there are no syringes. In this way, the ‘fear of the dentist’ decreases significantly.
  4. Truly local. With computerized anesthesia, the application is so punctual that the sensation of ‘sleep mouth’ is eliminated. This is a sequel that was annoying for some people.
  5. Greater security. Computerized anesthesia maintains absolute control over pressure and flow. This prevents subsequent swelling in the gum.

The future of dentistry is already in the present and you can find it in the spa-type clinic Sonrisa Perfecta Dental in Cartagena de Indias. Just access our WhatsApp line on the website and see how easy and safe it is to enjoy our services.

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