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Perfect Smile Dental is now a member of AMCHAM Colombia

The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce said it was pleased with the incorporation of this prestigious dental center in Cartagena to this binational association.
The Sonrisa Perfecta Dental spa clinic announced that it is now officially affiliated with the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Cartagena chapter. Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys, director of this accredited dental center on the Colombian coast, indicated that the incorporation represents an important achievement for the brand.
This internationally renowned professional and one of the most recognized dentists in Colombia, explained that joining AmCham is a powerful letter of introduction for the firm. This seal will allow them to strengthen their presence in the North American market, since it is a recognition of the quality of their services.
AmCham Cartagena itself confirmed the words of Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys. In a statement released by its social networks, the prestigious organization indicated that this professional is a Colombian dentist specializing in dental veneers in this country. She added that her dental work in Cartagena is a guarantee of perfect smiles, which is why it constitutes an important stimulus for dental tourism in Colombia.
In the welcome statement, AmCham also described the Sonrisa Perfecta Dental brand as synonymous with dental implants in Colombia. “It is a recognition of the ethics in our work and the passion for excellence,” replied Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys.

What does the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce represent?

The Colombian American Chamber of Commerce, AmCham Colombia is an institution whose mission is to promote trade between Colombia and the United States. Its focus is to look after the interests of companies that operate in both countries in the hemispheric and global markets. For this reason, they offer all their affiliates the necessary tools to boost their businesses.
This organization sees itself as an interlocutor for the governments of Bogotá and Washington in the task of strengthening trade ties. To this end, they work together with the States to support the bilateral economic agenda. On the other hand, it offers its affiliated companies privileged information and analysis on issues relevant to making their business decisions.
Among its members are North American companies such as Cisco System Colombia Ltda, General Motors Colmotores S.A, General Electric, Pfizer and Direct TV, among other prestigious brands. The Colombian business community is affiliated with firms such as Banco Davivienda S.A., Compensar, Casa Toro Automotriz S.A., Aviatur S.A. and Free Trade Zone of Bogotá S.A.
This prestigious group of companies from both countries is now joined by Sonrisa Perfecta Dental, as the number 1 Spa-type clinic in Colombia. Your product Smile Renaissance Hollywood ® is one of the flagship services with which you are inviting people to visit Cartagena. Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys asserted that they will not only obtain premium quality dental or Aesthetic Medicine care.
Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover one of the main tourist destinations in Colombia. She recalled that Cartagena is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a historic center that is an Architectural Heritage of Humanity.