Guajira dentist will receive award from the International Health Confederation

By Redacción La Guajira -July 19, 2023

The professional from Guajira, Tarsys Loaiza Roys, will receive an award for excellence from the International Health Confederation for the work she has been doing at the Spa Sonrisa Perfecta Dental clinic, from the city of Cartagena, and which is part of the Top 100 Doctors of the World’s ranking.

A prize for excellence awarded by the International Confederation of Health will be received by the Guajira professional, Tarsys Loaiza Roys, for the work she has been carrying out from the Spa Perfect Smile Dental clinic in the city of Cartagena. This clinic is part of the Top 100 Doctors of the World’s ranking.

This will be the second award for the dentist, who operates using the registered brand Sonrisa Renaissance HollywoodⓇ, through which she has managed to earn the most important and demanding international endorsements for the use of the most advanced modern technology.

Since the establishment of the Spa, the Guajira professional has been incorporating all available advancements worldwide to stay updated and offer effective solutions. This has led her to place Colombian dentistry at the forefront on the international stage. The recognition of this national seal represents a significant advancement in positioning Colombian dentistry as a reference at the Latin American and global levels.

The prestigious Colombian dentist pointed out that Sonrisa Renaissance Hollywood® represents a new approach in clinical characteristics, quality endorsements, and attention morphology. This approach significantly enhances the final result in patients’ smiles. The improvement compared to the way various procedures were previously approached is significant.

Likewise, she explains that in recent years, cutting-edge technology and artistic vision have come together in dentistry. This has led to a significant advancement in smile designs created by dental clinicians worldwide. The doctor explains that what Sonrisa Renaissance Hollywood® does is take the best from all these global advancements and add its own elements. This way, they have created a model of dental care infused with technology, art, excellence, and the highest quality standards.

This innovative model of dental care has the best range of precision in treatments, which require much less application time. This professional points out that these are two advantages that patients highly value, as they represent less invasive procedures with faster recovery rates. The acceptance of this approach at the Spa Perfect Smile clinic is demonstrated by the influx of patients arriving from all over Colombia, the United States, Canada, and other countries.

The distinguished dentist maintains that while Sonrisa Renaissance Hollywood® uses the best technological advancements, its main resource is human talent. Loayza Roys argues that currently, robotics is responsible for producing veneers, lenses, crowns, and other complex elements for patient care.

She adds that the professional team working with this technology contributes not only their expertise but also their imagination and art. These elements contribute to making a difference, and it is due to them that this care methodology has managed to establish itself on the international stage.

It is worth highlighting that the specialized dental center for smile design has been part of the One Hall of Fame since 2021. This is an exclusive selection of the best clinics worldwide by the prestigious BID Group One institution.

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