The best dental implants in Cartagena

The claim that the best dental implants are in Cartagena has gained a lot of strength in recent years for several reasons. A highly qualified service offering, state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained staff, very competitive prices and the best quality in the world confirm this.Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys, general director of the spa-type clinic Sonrisa Perfecta Dental, […]

Oral hygiene in older people

Oral hygiene in older people is as important as that of children and young people. Problems such as cavities or gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis are common in adults when there is not a good care routine.These are difficulties that can begin at any age, even when good oral health has always been […]

Advantages of dental implants

The dental implant is a procedure based on a screw that is embedded in the alvemolar bone, replacing the natural root of a missing tooth. It is made of a biologically inert material and serves as a base for the fixed prosthesis that acts as a dental crown.That is, it is part of the so-called […]

Leave odontophobia behind

Odontophobia is the uncontrollable anxiety or fear that a person suffers when they know they have to go to the dentist. Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that between 15 and 20% of patients feel this type of fear.For Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys, this fear generates serious oral health problems. By avoiding periodic […]

New nomination for the “IOCIM Award for Medical Innovation 2024”

The Council of the ORGANIZATION FOR MEDICAL TRAINING AND RESEARCH (IOCIM) announced the nomination of Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys for its annual awards. Through a statement, its members informed the renowned Colombian dentist of her decision to nominate her for the “IOCIM Medical Innovation Award 2024.”In the letter dated February of this year, the IOCIM […]

Smile better with zirconia crowns

Zirconia crowns represent a modern, highly durable and premium quality solution to quickly recover dental aesthetics. Its placement within what is known as smile design is part of the Renaissance Hollywood Smile procedures.This is the exclusive brand of the Sonrisa Perfecta Dental spa-type clinic, located in the thriving Bocagrande sector, in Cartagena. It is a […]

Came from the USA for a perfect smile

James Israel Johua came from the United States for a perfect smile. He is a young artist who has stood out for his avant-garde pictorial works in which he has expressed his mastery of several contemporary trends. Upon arriving at the consultation at the Sonrisa Perfecta Dental spa clinic, it was evident that he had […]

Now you can look for Sonrisa Perfecta Dental at FindHealthClinics

Doctor Tarsys Loayza Roys announced that the prestigious Sonrisa Perfecta Dental spa clinic is located on the FindHealthClinics medical services platform. Connecting with patients through this directory is part of the growth initiatives that are developing this highly specialized dental and aesthetic center.When patients are looking for the best dentistry and aesthetic services, they can […]

Robotic dentistry at Sonrisa Renaissance Hollywood®

Robotic dentistry is a resource of modern technology that is available at the Sonrisa Perfecta Dental clinic, located in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. For Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys, this cutting-edge resource represents the future of dentistry due to its multiple benefits for the patient. That is why it is one of the fundamental tools in […]