Teeth whitening with LED and UV rays

Teeth whitening with LED and UV rays are very popular procedures today due to their effectiveness, speed, safety and long-lasting effects. White teeth help people not have complexes when smiling because they project beauty, good health and rigorous grooming habits.
We all have the right to show off dazzling teeth and for that reason Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys has incorporated them into her portfolio of services. At Sonrisa Perfecta Dental, patients have highly specialized staff, state-of-the-art equipment and ideal facilities in the beautiful city of Cartagena.

This is how teeth whitening with LED and UV rays works

In the case of LED rays, the specialized dentist uses a sophisticated state-of-the-art instrument to irradiate infrared emissions on the teeth. Previously, he places a protector on the gums to avoid irritation or burns to these soft tissues. The next step is to apply whitening gel to the teeth and finally the LED lamp is activated.
This step is called photoactivation and consists of the emission of cold blue light on the teeth. The rays cause the gel molecules to activate, accelerating the release of the whitening components of the peroxide. It is such a safe procedure that several sessions can be scheduled for the same patient in the same day, without side effects.
For its part, teeth whitening with UV rays also requires whitening gels with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. Once one of these substances is applied to the mouth, the specialist exposes the teeth to UV light. The procedure generally lasts 1 hour, however, times may vary depending on the patient’s initial situation.
As with LED rays, UV rays produce a chemical reaction that accelerates the action of the whitening elements in the gel. When these procedures are performed by a specialized dental center such as Sonrisa Perfecta Dental, the results are spectacular.

Benefits of these treatments

When a person undergoes teeth whitening with LED and UV rays, they obtain a series of benefits that are highly valued today. First of all, the procedure does not cause any discomfort for the patient. This is because it is performed with the most advanced equipment, with which a minimally invasive treatment is applied.
Another benefit is that the effects become visible immediately. Although some patients require up to 2 or 3 sessions, generally the teeth begin to look whiter from the first exposure to the rays. Obviously, the initial state of the teeth or the nature of the stains will determine the immediacy of the results.
An advantage of teeth whitening with LED and UV rays is that it is suitable for all types of people, even those who suffer from hypersensitivity. Everyone can show off a perfect, white smile, thus projecting excellent oral health. A denture with these characteristics illuminates the face, making it look much better.

Alert with home kits

Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys warned that in some countries home kits are being sold to perform these whitening treatments. However, she highlighted that many specialized institutions have warned about its risks. She indicated that the alarms have gone off for several reasons.
She mentioned that in some cases the gels that come in these home kits are of poor quality. Many times they do not have a sufficient amount of active elements to produce an optimal effect. Another aspect is that common people generally do not know how to use UV rays properly. Excessive exposure may cause burns or irritation to soft tissues such as gums.
For these reasons, the best alternative will always be to go to a highly qualified center, certified and endorsed by the best dental health institutions. In this way, the patient ensures optimal results and avoids possible collateral damage that could generate lasting consequences. Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys invited people to consult her to learn in detail about teeth whitening with LED and UV rays.

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